The WaterMyYard program 

uses local weather data in sponsored areas to provide free weekly watering advice. This data is collected from an extensive network of weather stations and rain gauges, and, along with research-based understanding of plant water needs, allow experts to send customized weekly water advice for your specific lawn and irrigation system.


Get Started


How much should I water my yard?

The WaterMyYard program is a free program offered in parts of Texas that answers this question. See the menu above for a list of sponsored areas. Create an account and answer a few questions about your irrigation system, and WaterMyYard will send you weekly watering advice on how long to run your irrigation systems.

Drop the High-Water Bill

WaterMyYard is a science-based tool that helps take the guesswork out of determining when and exactly how much to water. Over-watering contributes to runoff, and broken or poorly maintained irrigation systems can make things even worse. Its not uncommon for up to half of the water applied to a home’s landscape to be wasted, never taken up by the plants. WaterMyYard can help your water bill, while at the same time helping to conserve Texas water resources for the future.


A Healthy Lawn Is a Properly Watered Lawn

The WaterMyYard program is a tool to assist you in determining the precise amount of supplemental water that is needed to maintain a healthy lawn. A vibrant green yard might even need less water than you think. If fact, many lawn problems are compounded by over-watering or by applying water at the wrong time. 

Free Weekly Recommendations

The WaterMyYard tool works great to make sure the water lost by your plants and the soil is replenished, and the tool provides watering recommendations for the upcoming week.  Because it can’t predict future rainfall events, you may still receive a recommendation to run your irrigation system when rain is in the local forecast. If so, consider taking a wait and see approach to let mother nature do the watering for you.



Save Water

Over 50% of outdoor water is wasted due to overwatering, inefficient watering practices and broken or poorly maintained irrigation systems. WaterMyYard will help you determine exactly how much to water, conserving water resources for the future and saving you money right now.

Keep Your Yard Healthy

A healthy yard needs less water than you may think. The WaterMyYard program has been designed as a tool to assist you in determining an adequate amount of supplemental water that is needed to maintain a healthy lawn.

Automated Recommendations

It only takes a few short steps to begin receiving automated emails or text-messages to know how much water your landscape actually requires based on local weather conditions.